Welcome to Franklin Elementary's
Parent & Teacher Association

Franklin Elementary is an amazing school because of the caring staff and parents who are willing to work together to provide the best possible accessibility to knowledge, technology and support. Our primary function, as a PTA, is to financially back programs that the school district does not through fundraisers. We work directly with teachers and parents to ensure that everyone is on board and the cost is worthwhile.

By signing up with the PTA for $10 a person, it allows our association to continue to exist.  There are NO REQUIREMENTS to be on the PTA after dues are paid.  This is a purely voluntary adjunct to Franklin Elementary. If you find yourself having the time or interest in volunteering on campus, we do have positions and many activities that definitely need help in.

Every voice being heard is critical to have a functioning PTA.  Our goal each year is to ensure as many parents join so they can at least see where our time, what our money goes toward and let you vote on changes.  Be a pioneer for a brighter future!

Want to join the PTA?

Invest in our children, invest in our community and invest in an amazing future!

News & Events

Scholastic Book Fair 4/22-4/26

Get ready! The Scholastic Book Fair is coming our way! Monday, April 22 (4:00 pm-7:00 pm)

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2023-24 Election Results

Dear Franklin Elementary School Community, We are thrilled to announce the results of the Franklin Elementary

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April PTA Meeting

Join Meeting April 13, 2023 @ 6:00PM

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Providing the best for Franklin Elementary


Bring together families of Franklin Elementary to share experiences and form lasting bonds.


Many parents volunteer their time through the PTA by helping at larger functions and providing help in classrooms.

School Programs

We work with the principal and school site council to ensure what school programs are funded to provide the best possible benefit.



Plan fundraisers that not just benefit our school, but local businesses and families as well.

Recognition & Awards

When teachers, parents and students do something that deserves appreciation, we make sure it is known.

Children First

We fight for every child to succeed in terms of education, health, safety and so much more.